The Key Features Of The Harley Davidson Iron 883

If you are thinking about possibly purchasing the Harley Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle, then you are obviously going to want to know all about the key features prior to spending any cash. By doing this, you will be able to determine as to whether or not it really is the right motorcycle for you so what are the main things that you should know?

First, the design of the motorcycle and it can only be described as being very much a throwback to the classic Harley design, but with its own modern twist. The design is raw, it is not covered in chrome and it certainly looks mean and sounds mean when you start it up.

Everything about the design is classic Harley from the drag style handlebar to the retro style taillights and the side mounted license plate, but do not for one minute think that it means the bike is outdated because there is some clever technology included in there as well. Some of the technology includes self-canceling signals and their smart security system, which is optional, that lets you disarm the vehicle from a distance via your own fob.

Obviously the engine on it is also going to be a key feature and with this motorcycle you can expect it to come with an 833cc Evolution V-Twin engine that also comes with electronic sequential port fuel injection to just give it that extra kick. It also has a five speed transmission and a 3.3 gallon fuel tank and is capable of providing you with 51mpg unless you floor it of course.

Finally, it is worth talking about some of the features that means this is an extremely comfortable ride and this particular model comes with a lowered suspension both at the front and the back and a low solo seat that is going to make you feel comfortable when riding it. You will also find that the foot controls are in a very natural position meaning you feel more relaxed when riding it and all of this is accompanied by Michelin Scorcher “31” tyres on both the front and back to give you that extra grip on the road.

So those are just some of the key features of the Harley Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle and as soon as you set eyes on one you will instantly find yourself being transported back to the classic style Harley. It looks amazing, it packs a punch with its engine, and as with any Harley Davidson it will certainly be fun to ride and at under $8000 it is a bargain as well.

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