Test Honda innova 125i mod

Honda Innova 125i continues its career with this evolution 2007. Equipped with the injection, this Honda hybrid passes to 2,200 € but optimizes its qualities of small urban and economic vehicle, in other words for all!

Test Honda innova 125i mod

If it is not any more the only one to play in the court of the scooters to “automatic box” since the arrival in France of Suzuki Address, Innovated it does not lose any for all that of its interest. Always equipped with wheels of 17 inches, a centrifugal aviators and a gear box assisted by a semi-automatic clutch, small Honda makes wonder in a flood of circulation charged or when it is a question of going to seek the bread in the fourth speed and with the smile.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

Scooter or motor bike 125

The dress of Innovated does not evolve in 2007, but to see it accompanied by a HS 300 or of a Psi 125, one recognizes readily a resemblance to him. It is also pleasant to take over. Very low of saddle and particularly light, the ergonomics of this scooter holds finally more mini motor bike 125. Accommodating in spite of a rudimentary design and instrumentation, he does not forget to be well finished.

The capacity of the tank still not having evolved, it will be necessary however to remake full every approximately 130 km and to be satisfied with one 2.5 L. /100 km/h of average in spite of the injection supposed to lower consumption. It was already the large weak point of the old model, and that the rest on this version 2007, damage. At least, it is always possible to go to seek 110 km/h meter, are approximately 100 km/h real. Not what to certainly dress, nor to even borrow the 2×2 fast tracks, but its cheerful character has what to put balsam in the middle: Innovated is far from being tedious.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

Honda Innova takes along of one anything

Its engine is less sharp than that of Address to starting on the first report, and the firmness of its suspensions has what to surprise in comparison with softness noted on Suzuki. But the effectiveness is on the other hand always with go on Innova, even higher than that of its Suzuki competitor. Thus, to roll in duet will be more pleasant besides on Innovated than Address, your testimonies in our Maxitest confirm it.

Excessively easy to take over, Honda Innova 125 it takes along of one anything and puts them within reach of all as well in term of control as of gauge. Obviously, the automatic semi gear box with four reports and especially the double pedal connect typical this kind of vehicle intend it mainly for the aficionados or those which do not have yet the habit of the motor bike. Indeed, box of the cyclic type assembles all its reports to the bottom, and descends them to the heel.

Unlike Address however, the configuration of the lever of speed Innovated it makes it possible to use the point of the foot for the two operations: considerable. In the same way, the automatic clutch of Honda is softer, even if he always asks to accompany by the foot all downshift not to abuse the driver.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

Honda Innova or Address

Independently of the very suggestive questions of look and comfort (Suzuki is a little more accessible), their protection is equivalent… and close to the non-existent one. For the same level of tariff, one will be able to easily prefer to them a small urban scooter and any automatic (Sym VS, Cygnus X), more protective and relaxed, or to choose a basic motor bike with box five speeds and more developing (Keyway Speed 125, Yamaha YBR 125, Sym XS 125). However, the concept of scooter crossed with a motor bike has serious arguments: a tested reliability, an excessively reduced maintenance, a low consumption and especially an important approval of control brought by a simple and effective gear box. Remain that for 2,200 €, the practical aspects are very few and low top speed, but the vocation of one Innova is above all to move you downtown.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

Honda Innova 125i MOD: To retain

You were numerous to answer our Maxitest concerning Innovated. Ideal townsman and especially rolls always puncture-proof, you rent his simplicity and his robustness, like his low costs of maintenance. Ideal to begin and for the city, you also appreciate his capacity to be swindled charged, even if you deplore the lack of practical aspects. It is necessary well to acknowledge that mark Honda Innova  125 it there the step on this side vis-a-vis a scooter or a basic motor bike.

It marks on the other hand point’s side completion. Its control units are comfortable, the soft controls the foot. The panel instrument, clear and pleasant, indicates the committed report (4 indicators + neutral). Useful detail, especially for the beginners, the meter integrates graduations making it possible to pass the reports in a beach appropriate to speed. The gauge with petrol of the barograph type is digital, it is underlined by an odometer. One on the other hand always regrets the absence of watch or door package.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

Side arrangements, it is the shortage. The small trunk opens by the ignition key on the side of the scooter. It does not make it possible to accommodate a large helmet, but takes readily charges a theft protection device or a rucksack with it.

The tank under the saddle is easy access, but it contains only 3.7 liters, which proves rather limited for an intensive use, with hardly more than 130 km of autonomy.

The two crutches (side and central) are practical and easy to deploy.

Drive chain is locked up in a tight casing, which offers a remarkable longevity and a protection. As a result, the unit requires only little maintenance.

To finish, the electric starter is assisted by a kick of help. Thus prevented you from using the pretext of “it innovated did not want to start”.

Test Honda innova 125i mod

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