Sym e-Virid: The light electric scooter with three operating processes

Electric scooter are equivalent 50 Cm3 to thermal engine, Sym e-Virid presents a nice face, a light weight and 3 operating processes. The Taiwanese one connected would have a quality ratio/price with its advantage and could be very quickly marketed.

Sym e-Virid: The light electric scooter with three operating processes

Sym e-Virid is not a prototype. Indeed, according to the Taiwanese leaders that we could meet in Germany at the time of the last Intermot living room, the electric scooter Sym with the nice face and the performances of 50 Cm3 to thermal engine should be marketed soon in Europe – on this subject, we will learn how some certainly more in the weeks to come.

First advantage of small electric Taiwanese: its weight at the very least contained, since with its battery Lithium, the machine would be close to 80 kg. The other asset of the E-scooter Sym e-Virid relates to its operating process, Sym having indeed equipped it with a system making it possible to the pilot to easily choose 3 modes. With more or less of power, one can thus adapt the machine to his needs.

Lastly, like always with the Sym manufacturer, his quality ratio/price would be more attracting. For the rest, the motorization of the Brushless type of the Sym e-Virid is a classic of the kind. Autonomy is announced to 50 km to 30 km/h and the complete cycle of 2.5 hours loading appears reasonable.

Sym e-Virid: The light electric scooter with three operating processes


  • Standard electrical motor Brushless (without brush)
  • Power continues 1,800 W, maximum 2,000 W
  • Maximum speed 45 km/h
  • Autonomy 50 km to 30 km/h, 60 km to 20 km/h
  • Selection of 3 modes to the handlebar offering power more or less
  • Battery Lithium 48V 10A, capacity of 20Ah
  • Complete loading in 2.5 hours
  • Telescopic fork before and back mono-shock absorber
  • Brake AV disc of 160 mm
  • Brake AR drums of 110 mm
  • Dimensions (L X L X H) 1,725 X 625 X 1,060 mm
  • Dry weight 81 kg, with its battery

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