Piaggio X10 350, Sym Maxsym 400.., which maxi-scooter lightweight cruiser day?

Because what they are limited by their 125 Cm3, many scooterists passes the motorbike license (A) in order to be devoted to the joys of the maxi-scooter. On the segment of the 350/500, which is most interesting? With this question of a Net surfer, latestbikesinfo answers!

 Piaggio X10 350, Sym Maxsym 400.., which maxi-scooter lightweight cruiser day?

As we exposed it to you in a preceding article, the market of the maxi-scooters is in very clear progression this year, whereas the market two-wheeled vehicle is him rather drops some (article with reading here). With much of innovations (Yamaha TMAX 530, BMW C 600 Sport or 650 GT, Honda Integra 700, Kymco Myroad 700 and Aprilia SRV 850) the large maxi-scooters are more attracting. However, the offer on the segment of the commuters from 350 to 500 Cm3 is also strong interesting.

New representative of this category, very appraisal of the new licenses, Piaggio X10 350 or 500 does not miss arguments. But with is the daily newspaper really more interesting than Sym Maxsym 400 I cheaper ABS, or than the tenors of this family, Honda SW-T 400, Suzuki Burgman 400 or Yamaha Majesty 400? Such is the asked question today by a Net surfer:


I allow myself to contact you about the choice of my future scooter, it is indeed difficult for me to slice taking into account the use which I would like to make my commutate for two years I have circulated in Honda PCX 125, but today, finally, I decided to pass the motorbike license to reach the higher cubic capacity.

Rolling all the year on Paris, borrowing the peripheral daily, I seek a comfortable scooter for the back, allowing me to roll in position “cruise” (unfolded legs, almost tended), and a position which I am fond of particularly. To note that to light me, you must also know that I make some trot with my wife the weekend, but never of long ways.

I initially stopped on Sym Maxsym 400i ABS, but the arrival Piaggio of X10 350 (see 500) brings back my decision to the starting point. Moreover Honda, with its SW-T 400, but also Suzuki, with Burgman 400, offers also good products. The tariff not being inevitably a crucial factor in my decision, can you possibly give me your point of view? An external analysis would be useful…

Thanking you in advance.

A faithful reader

Piaggio X10 350, Sym Maxsym 400.., which maxi-scooter lightweight cruiser day?

Latestbikesinfo answers:

In this category that we are fond of, because of the ratio weight/power with the advantage of these scooters, we particularly appreciated this year Piaggio X10 350. This GT with the massive gauge rained us for his design (we adore the back part!), its elegance and its level of equipment. Comfortable only or has two, having a good throw weight, offering an excellent protection, Piaggio X10 also marks points vis-a-vis competition thanks to its system ASR of control of Motility, related to ABS (Executive version).

The model 500 Cm3 is interesting for its adjustable back suspension electronically, but we prefer the version 350 Cm3 which again brings really something. This machine indeed lays out of the performances of one 400 Cm3, but than the scooters GT 250/300 Cm3 are not heavier. As you announce us that the “tariff is not inevitably a crucial factor in your decision”, it is thus the maximum light one which appears at the top of our list.

But if the budget had been a crucial factor at the time of choice, Sym Maxsym 400i ABS, sold 5,999 €, would have been essential. Because Piaggio X10 350 ABS/ASR posted with 6.699€. Admittedly, Maxsym is sophisticated less, but it remains relevant on the dynamic level.

Piaggio X10 350 is on the other hand cheaper than a Honda SW-T 400 ABS (7 490 €), very good as regards the handling, but it is also heaviest of the category. Piaggio X10 350 is as less expensive as the Suzuki Burgman Executive 400, sold 7,490 the least tempting, but qualities €, maximum having much today in our eyes, because in particular of its unchanged style since 2007.

Here is our answer, but you, whom would you have suggested with this Net surfer? Do not hesitate to give your opinion while reacting in this article. With you to play!

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