Piaggio MP3 LT 500: not to put all hands!

The Maxitest is a very useful tool to obtain feedback from users on their scooter. After all, the feeling of journalists is one thing, but the experience of the owners is sometimes more meaningful. Today, we have validated the maxitest an owner of Piaggio MP3 LT 500, apparently very angry braking of his three-wheeler. You who have also this scooter, you share his opinion?

On latestbikesinfo, your user reviews of interest. To gather valuable information about reliability, driveability, performance, customer service, etc.., Anything that will make your day happy (or not) with your two-wheeler, there in fact nothing more than speaking experience of owning a scooter in the long term, to complete dynamic tests of new products made by the editor. Section maxitest and user reviews latestbikesinfo.com is made for that.

Today for example, we have validated the maxitest an owner of Piaggio MP3 LT 500, apparently dissatisfied with his new three-wheeled scooter. We journalists, however, had found it easy to grip when it was introduced last spring, and even good enough braking. However, the person Station contacted us it seems not at all agree with us. His model would have a problem? And you own the most powerful scooter accessible to motorists, what do you think?

While waiting for your answers to the rest of this article, here are some passages of his maxitest:
“This is an MP3 scooter that is not put in any hands. Indeed, its braking is very bad, as in the case of an emergency brake, it’ll just pray that miracle to happen so that the route is released!.

Here we must always guard against turning the throttle too hard, because you feel the beast race. But when you step on the brakes, you hear a noise that you ice the ear: the slip pads on the discs, but you do not feel any real bite!
Besides this, the MP3 is a nice machine, comfortable, good for the duo, but whose stability is not the strong point. Road or highway, as soon as you reach speeds of 110/120 km / h curve, the front wavers dangerously at times, which is not very reassuring …

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