News moto 2012: Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer, to become successful?

That’s it, after weeks of uncertainty, Triumph finally revealed the arrival of Tiger’s large capacity. New engine, transmission and cardan shaft, aesthetic resumption of the Tiger 800 and electronic package comes standard … Triumph will be able to attack head all gender specialists maxi trail!

We had seen pictures stolen, which, incidentally, indeed unveiled the new Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer in its final version, or at least very close. This time, they are official documents, some photos, but no complete data sheet shows that Triumph here for his big trail in 2012. Suffice it to appreciate what can be seen. But already, the manufacturer unveiled a new part of its strategy with this new model. And the English brand is seeking a new home market, the maxi trails, segment or there beautiful people …

Explorer Tiger 1200, Triumph of the anti R1200GS

Aesthetic, Triumph has focused on security rather than innovation. Certainly developed in parallel with the Tiger 800, Tiger’s new Explorer in 1200 over the aesthetic codes, like the profile very similar or frame in steel tubing. On the latter, still apparently made ​​in one piece, we notice that the passenger footrests are not attached to the rear frame, unlike the Tiger 800. It’s always better if unwanted distortion … If the actual displacement is not revealed, we are talking about more than 1200 cm3. Probably close to a cylinder 1250 cm3 which inaugurates a new three-cylinder block. The new engine remains faithful to the principle of three-cylinder expensive to make, but takes a final drive by shaft and universal joint guarantee of peace on a daily basis or while traveling.

It would, indeed, badly imagined the arrival of the new Explorer without this type of transmission. This three-cylinder 130 horsepower Explorer should develop in free version, with a character based on flexibility and the couple hoped for generous at low and midrange. As mentioned in the power that can be found on a maxi unnecessary trail, consider that it is found halfway the current trend: a BMW R 1200 GS developing 110 hp, while a swift ultra Ducati Multistrada 1200 can develop in 155 Italian version … Finally, there is logic platform, this new three-cylinder block cardan will undoubtedly have to be fitted to other models (certainly, the future Grand Touring GT Trophy).

ABS, traction control and cruise control as standard

As for equipment, there is a fairly standard chassis, which still leaves the field open to BMW that focuses on specific suspension (Telelever, ESA optional). Nevertheless, Triumph has certainly treated the behavior of his motorcycle. The sticks are beautiful rims shod with tires (Metzeler Tourance EXP) in reasonable sizes (110/80 x 19 front, 150/70 x 17 rear). It is hoped that future Exlporer 2012 Triumph Tiger 1200 remains sufficiently agile despite a weight that can be imagined than that of the 1050 Tiger who already weighs 228 kg fully fueled.

Triumph undoubtedly hoped it much of the 1200 Explorer, which also explains the package of relevant equipment. Disconnectable ABS, cruise control and traction control will be delivered in series. We guess also a height adjustable seat and small wheels at the base of the bubble to fit, to be confirmed. The center stand may be also standard. Scheduled for March 2012, the future Tiger Explorer should also be aggressive side selling price, probably close to € 13,500 to compete in all points with the BMW R 1200 GS or XT 1200 Yamaha Super Ténéré Z. To be continued …

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