Comparative bikes KTM 690 Duke vs Yamaha MT-03 vs BMW F800R: Two monos, a twin, fun!

Is the pleasure with motor bike function among st cylinders? Not, of course! We benefitted from the arrival on the market of the new KTM Duke 690 to confront the aptitudes of its one-cylinder modern with that, the older, of the “visionary” Yamaha MT-03. In this mono miniature confrontation, BMW F800R and its valiant twin-cylinder are posed as a police-court magistrate voluntarily shifted.

Comparative bikes KTM 690 Duke vs Yamaha MT-03 vs BMW F800R: Two monos, a twin, fun!

New pace, more accessible ergonomics, worked over again versatility but potential always raised sportsman, price downwards, ABS of series… the KTM Duke 690 tries to on our premises start again the niche of the one-cylinder roadsters, traditionally been sulky with the advantage of multi cylinder the good more popular.

For as much, in 2012, crisis and radars “helping”, can the mono Austrian finally make evolve the tendency? And with which new weapons for the knowledge, we opposed it to Yamaha MT03, the only mono one of road Japanese still to the catalogue and for the moment always in search of recognition. Lastly, to consider potential real of these machines vis-a-vis one of the references of the current roadsters, we chose to join to the troop BMW F800R, equipped with an effective and general-purpose twin.

Moreover, its Germanic esthetics also approaches what KTM proposes to us on his 690, what to make thus hesitate the undecided ones… KTM 690 Duke, Yamaha MT03 and BMW F800R, here another at the very least original match which offers to us this definitely astonishing year!

Comparative bikes KTM 690 Duke vs Yamaha MT-03 vs BMW F800R: Two monos, a twin, fun!

KTM 690 Duke: An Orange full of juice

Incontestably, the KTM benefits from ergonomics more resting of the three. The triangle saddles/handlebar/rest-foot limits the supports, slackens the legs, one feels there well. Side taken over, the KTM 690 Duke enjoys an argument of size: its flyweight! With 164 kg all full facts; it is 5 kg lighter than a Honda 125 Varadero! Turned off engine, it is operated really better than the two others: with the daily newspaper, it is a truth more; the more so as the KTM Duke 690 presents the softest ordering of clutch (system APTC which reduces the effort associated with anti-dribbles) and directs best.

In suburban use, one notices that the gear box is fastest of the three. One loses little mode to each shifting of speed, but this selection requires authority to limit the false dead points. But between the electronic accelerator – however succeeded – and the average flexibility of the one-cylinder LC4, one guesses quickly that the KTM 690 Duke prefers the riding crop rather than a utility control. If you intend to roll all the year, it will be necessary to compose with this inciting character which does not like the use in flexibility with low modes. Such an amount of better, the sound of the mono LC4 becomes pleasant only when one draws inside!

KTM 690 Duke: An Orange full of juice

Provided that turns!

Whereas we carry out a motorway connection, I cannot prevent myself from feeling these vibrations which invade Kate… Admittedly, taking into account his 70 horses and of his raised cubic capacity, the KTM 690 Duke does not vibrate as much as that. But all the same, even the one-cylinder one of Yamaha MT-03 is shown finally more livable with stabilized pace. In fact, the KTM has more lengthening-piece than the Japanese woman and performances differently higher, but it finally encourages to roll less quickly on motorway to lower the driving mode until the unit becomes more bearable, that is to say around 120 km/h. The KTM could have been more comfortable than Yamaha on long course, but these vibrations place them at equality.

At the same time, the performances are there: the KTM 690 Duke sticks to the Basque of BMW F800R in recovery, subject being on the good beach of mode, and forgets Yamaha MT03 literally. Its one-cylinder LC4 is sharp with low modes, furnished well with mid–mode and draws on the arms with 6500 to 8000 tr/min! Equipped with its situation temperament, There Malthus nothing so surprising that the 690 Duke enjoys self completely Call on the small roads. It does not matter the secondary roads, provided that they turn! And more it is technical, better it is. Less firm than the two others – its suspensions WP absorb the bumps best that the two others -, the KTM 690 Duke rocks about it less on the angle in a way healthy and reassuring.

Especially, it has this side intuitive toy specific to the mark which authorizes more audacity and of improvisation that its rivals of the day: on board Duke, one corrects without evil a badly committed situation. In short, one often tries with the KTM of the things which one would not dare on BMW or Yamaha, like improbable exits of curve on the aft wheel while benefitting from a bump on the roadway. One does not remake oneself…

KTM 690 Duke: An Orange full of juice

Assessment Duke 690: Always incomparable

At the conclusion of this comparative, a fact remains: the KTM 690 Duke remains… incomparable. In spite of the appearances, here a true KTM, fun, effective on sinuous course… and most inciting of the trio. Between the engine full with punch and the featherweight, it gives desire for playing, quite simply because one thinks that one always will succeed in catching up with it… or almost.

Sold 7,490 €, the KTM 690 Duke is thus posed in real alternative on the market of the motor bikes fun. For as much, in spite of its power comparable with that of many multi cylinders, its one-cylinder does not remain less particular about it with the daily newspaper. In short, it is necessary to make with and to understand it to know where to go to play. The small defects – as the saddle which solidifies too much the basin or the ergonomics which supports the average gauges – will quickly be relegated to the second plan, so much the KTM 690 Duke brings freshness within an important production in this category, but which tends to be standardized.

Yamaha MT-03: Always in the blow

With already six years in the rod, Yamaha MT-03 continues its small catch of career, far from the projectors. It even will leave the assembly lines of Yamaha Spain to join those of MBK in Saint-Quentin: cock-a-doodle-doo! Its confidential diffusion thus confers a true originality to him, worthy of its equipment: oscillating arm aluminum with side shock absorber, pretty over sewn saddle, silencers perfectly integrated under the saddle… it is beautiful. The Yamaha MT-03 presents the most reduced gauge of our motor bikes of the day, with the disconcerting feeling to directly clutch the front wheel axle between its hands, once on board. But at the time as of operations turned off engine, the surprise is less pleasant: its weight close to that of BMW F800R is felt.

In saddle, Yamaha MT-03 offers the right position… and thus the greatest catch to the wind also. Directing well, it once likes downtown the relative flexibility of its one-cylinder comparable. At least, the gear box is more conciliatory than that of the KTM, in the same way for the orders. Understand by there that Yamaha accepts a quiet control. With green light, the Yamaha MT03 can take off in wheeling, but its limited lengthening-piece quickly makes him find the dry land. Without venturing far on the road, one also understands that it will be necessary to compose with the beach of mode the least extended of the three: restive less than 2500 tr/min, deprived of lengthening-piece beyond 6500 tr/min, the MT-03 requires to frequently playing of the left foot to evolve with the good mode.

Yamaha MT-03: first test

More road than fun

All in all, on road, lucid mono Yamaha shows healthy qualities, starting with a sufficient comfort compared to its specifications. Admittedly, on its board the large ones will as feel with narrow as on the KTM 690 Duke, but the saddle, but general approval is however well with go. The Yamaha MT-03 knows exceeds without paining until more than 140 km/h, while the vibrations of the engine remain contained. However, of sporting use, it can only be inclined vis-a-vis the BMW F800R and KTM Duke 690.

Less rigorous than BMW in the fast portions, Yamaha MT03 is as definitely less nimble as the KTM in the sinuous portions. Its braking, also, disappoints by a lack of feeling, the power arriving too brutally at mid–chases lever. On a portion of turns in rise, surveyed time for the needs for our photo meeting grinds, the KTM Duke left the curves in a beautiful acceleration, whereas the Yamaha MT-03 pained to project us ahead. It is obvious, in Japanese mono good, Yamaha lacks mechanical plume, but at least, it will not frighten the beginners who will be able to taste with the pleasure of accelerating thoroughly while remaining Master on board.

It is almost damage, because in addition, its frame firmer than that of the KTM enables him to rock on the angle of a block. And its neutral ergonomics supports displacements in saddle. Let us recognize finally that assembled mixed Pirelli Scorpion of series, are more useful for the look than with the real aptitudes – road – motor bike. Because with more powerful envelopes, the Yamaha MT-03 would stick without any doubt more to the bitumen by giving desire for adding some… And it does not matter so on the least right end, it will ineluctably be made outdistance by the BMW F800R and KTM Duke 690.

Yamaha MT-03: Always in the blow

Assessment Yamaha MT-03: Do not forget it too quickly…

Conceived at the beginning of the century, Yamaha MT-03 shows without its knowledge the extent of the way traversed by KTM to hoist its one-cylinder on a definitely higher level of performances, just like its price: electronic accelerator, architecture engine, complex ignition map, all this are paid. To its rivals of the day, Yamaha MT-03 opposes a better quality of manufacturing and equipment still in the blow in spite of the absence of a braking ABS.

Without being also powerful partly cycle, the Yamaha MT-03 proposes an excellent base to be made evolve at little cost: a pair of more aggressive adaptable silencers, of good tires, and hop, it become a small nice and economic roadster with the purchase, use, the insurance. In short, a motor bike lucid, atypical and not ruinous. It will remain to agree to roll with one-cylinder more completely to the last style side performances, but who can constitute a stage in a life of motorcyclist, to even correspond perfectly to the needs for the beginners. Sold 6,999 € in concession, it can also be at handsome price on little measured in kilometers occasion.

BMW F800R: Two is it better?

BMW F800R quickly knew to impose its style among the roadsters of rolled average, its sales having really taken off thanks to offers like ABS with the Euro symbolic system. For 2012, it receives some aesthetic installations, of which scoops of radiator more harmonious than before. In spite of its twin parallel, the F800R is almost as fine as its competitors of the day. On the other hand, it is definitely longer, with a footing higher of 54 mm than that of the KTM, and straightforwardly 100 mm more than the Yamaha MT-03!

BMW F800R is also characterized by an arm oscillating definitely longer. Side ergonomics, it is the wide variation with our two monos of the day: whereas one is posed on the two others, one returns in the F800R. One exaggerates, but hardly: BMW and its saddle dug accommodate the pilot in his point medium, raises its legs via high footrests then invites the bust to rock towards the handlebar located ahead further. In short, that feels the sport. Starting, the twin on line sounds almost like a flat, and is sharp with acceleration.

BMW F800R: Two is it better?

Not the least athletic

City, road, and motorway, and stroll, sport: BMW F800R can do everything, at least as well as the two others, sometimes even better. One knew the frame of ultra homogeneous BMW: that is checked, even vis-a-vis sharpened an enough KTM. The BMW F800R has beautiful being longest, it benefits from a geometry of closed enough direction (25° against 26° for Yamaha, 26,5° for the KTM) and does not suffer from its higher weight (39.8 kg more but the KTM!) than in very tight portions really.

On smooth coating, the BMW F800R makes watch of the most precise direction and one enjoys to place it at the millimeter as starter of curve. On embossed coating, it keeps its course thanks to a long footing and a good work of the suspensions. In large fast curve “Midi style”, the shock absorber of direction assembled in series helps the pilot to slacken the excessive tension which it can exert on the handlebar. And the fun BMW F800R brings from there its amount with its excellent throughput speed in curve, the sonority of its exhaust and its engine which pedals in the turns definitely more, obviously, that the one-cylinder ones.

There is a justice after all and it is true even in 2012 that a cylinder moreover brings a considerable addition of versatility! Downtown, the higher flexibility of BMW makes it possible less to change report at peaceful rhythm. On motorway, mechanics less seems to suffer. In sporting control, it offers between 16 and 39 horses of rib and more lengthening-piece between two turns. In short, between higher versatility and performances, BMW F800R has what to rejoin many votes.

Assessment F 800 R: Even not fear

Vis-a-vis our monos of would the day, BMW thus pass very close to it without fault? Not far, in fact. Some reproach him all the same an exhaust manifold obstructing the movements of the left foot, a nonadjustable fork or colors still too typified BMW. Sold 7,990 € in basic tariff, the BMW F800R is tasted completely only with its pack R (ABS, computer of edge, indicators with LED, heating handles) which brings an addition of versatility but carries the note to 9,155 €… This tariff, you have a rather complete motor bike, and which will not weary you in the long run by a lack of aptitude whatever it is…

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