BMW R1200R: The quiet strength

With a more powerful engine and a chassis that showcases the agility, the big BMW roadster with boxer engine that feeling again but lose nothing of its versatility! Here is a very attractive bike, except the price still little backbone …

BMW R1200R: The complete test

Unlike the R 1200 S that is more radical, the new BMW roadster big chooses his card versatility. Completely naked (naked) at the base, the BMW R1200R can then be transformed to suit its owner. Thus, it can in turn be traveling, entertainment, sport or utility depending on the equipment that we are willing to offer. The manufacturer has thought of everything, including the customization of some parts visible. But know that everything is optional! If we want to equip its BMW R1200R a center stand, a chrome pot, the future ASC traction control, ABS, or accessories for the approval or protection, the selling price of basic version (€ 12,000) when inflated considerably. Here is a typical way to do car, which therefore has its advantages and disadvantages …

Keep sight of the essential: the BMW R1200R is more than just changing the model above (the already famous BMW R1150R), both in engine in chassis. In short, remember that the engine is exactly the same as that already equips the BMW R1200RT and R 1200 GS. With its many developments, such as management almost entirely electronic, a balance shaft or a knock control, the 1170 cm3 engine delivers a power of 109 by ch. and offers an especially smooth operation unmatched by his predecessors. Any transmission has also evolved by losing much of its roughness. Another important point on this BMW R1200R: If the gearbox six-speed is the same as the RT and GS team, the secondary reduction it is shorter (2.75 against 2.62 on RT). In theory, therefore, acceleration ahead even more candid report is the sixth most overdrive as the GT.

Lightweight smooth

As for the chassis, it is simply modern“, ie it provides a geometry and dimensions reviewed and amended to meet the needs of users always eager for lightness, agility, comfort and stability. In this sense, the BMW R1200R innovates even more than these two sisters displacement since its curb weight down to less than 200 kg, while values ​​of hunting and wheelbase are close to the standard sports. To save weight, for example, BMW’s engineers did not hesitate to cut back on the thickness and diameter of the brake discs, which was to remove unnecessary parts not suspended (cardan Telelever swing arm, wheels) and manufacture a lightweight trellis frame around the engine bearing his remains.

The new integral ABS (optional) also appears lighter as it weighs only 2.3 kg (50% less than the previous version). Finally, the line of the bike is also changing towards more finesse, but without deciding sharply with the previous model. His classicism is very marked and a black model with white threads, hand-painted, is even offered for sale! Note among other cosmetic changes: the saddle now and not one piece into two parts, the only oil cooler positioned just behind the front wheel and the gas tank of his two private side vents. The design of the front fender is simplified, as well as the swing arm of Telelever (it has only one branch). In its new dress, the line of the bike thus appears more slender and perhaps even a little smoother than the R 1150 R.


The driving position, with a reservoir dug well in the legs and footrest ideally placed, appears almost perfect. The people of average height, however, find the distance saddle / handlebar a little too much and even playing with the settings of the jumpers fork, take their place on board will require a little time to adapt. If the seat is ergonomically shows, it is rather an impasse side trim. Later, after hours of driving, we’ll see it does not offer the comfort expected. But what is most striking on the BMW R1200R button to print light that emerges from the first laps in the roundabout or during maneuvers in the city. The reduced weight, the natural riding position and the fair distribution of weight between the front and rear contribute to this impression.

All orders, including the gear selector (!), Appear soft (or progressive) to the point that the moment was a little difficult to realize that driving on a 1200 cm3! Unlike other twin-cylinder engine fitted to the roadsters of equivalent range, the BMW Boxer can constantly evolve to a light throttle, even at a low speed to 3000 rev / min. On the back roads of Germany, between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen which took place this first attempt, it was nice to see the BMW R1200R that way. During the first day, the rain never stopped us continue and water thoroughly the road. Its relative flexibility, remarkable for a flat twin and achieved through precise management of lighting and power, this mechanism does not provide much feeling of acceleration.

Utility … but fun!

Her behavior is typical: the famous overturning moment (very faded on the 1200 cm3) remind you what kind of engine you are dealing with when the power continues to speak as and when it rises in the towers . Thus, there are two levels at this friendly ascent: the first to 3500 rev / min and the second, more impressive to 6500 rev / min! As a result of this acceleration muscled the bike even has a tendency to get up front … The presence of a steering damper is not trivial. Who told you that BMW motorcycles were alone? Not only motor behavior of the BMW R1200R is sparkling, but also the chassis be known and stable player at the same time. Needless to say that the bike offers times very frank, that his power is more than enough on the road and that the general level of approval and security provided by the pilot is very spicy.

The new ABS braking system plays a role. Integral type, but still denied the boosterof previous models, it is both powerful and much easier to dose than its predecessor. Certainly, if we adopt a conduct hyper sports could blame their original suspensions compromise road or single dry plate clutch to not really enjoy overuse. But it is important to understand here that the BMW R1200R is more than its predecessor, capable of exceeding the limits of use generally attributed to this type of road roadster both utilitarian. Compared to the competition, fun side is a big plus that should not be underestimated!

Daily walks, vacation …

In road use normal, ie in the course of daily glimpses of the weekend or traveling, the BMW R1200R features a healthy and efficient behavior. Thus, it maintains the stability of its famous predecessor at high speed, but even better in terms of agility and maneuverability. Wisely floor (Continental Sport Attack of origin), it can also count on a precise and reassuring front corner entry as well as good coating of suspensions correct. In addition to its new full, powerful and precisely controllable, the bike has an engine brake always very helpful in town or on a mountain road.

Among the criticism, however, we found a little dry the reaction of the two shocks on small inequalities of the road (especially in front) and quality of vision of the two mirrors that are blurred to intermediate regimes. The comfort of the saddle did not really believe and the place the passenger turns a bit narrow. It also provides that only two small notches carved between the saddle and back plastic dressing to keep (the compartment design of the manufacturer is certainly something!).

The optional security

So it’s not a surprise, with the previous models already in their time make an impression: the BMW R1200R appears as a very accomplished motorcycle concept roadster in its lightweight and versatile, but not only. Since it can also quickly turn into big road benefiting from the latest technical developments of the mark (full ABS, electronically adjustable ESA suspension or traction control that we could not try it here … not for lack of availability forget the usual options). Here is a very serious rival in its category, but also for many market road.

Provided, again, to have the means. For if the basic model remains in the market average, once equipped with the necessary ABS, a center stand, a windscreen, bags and why not for the excellent system of electronically controlled suspension ESA, the bill this time exceeds € 14 000! A calculation that it would be better to make informed choices, especially as the specific technologies and tooling BMW marry you now living with your dealer. The BMW R1200R will be available in the French network in September 2006.

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