A Close Up of the Harley Davidson V-Rod


Photo Courtesy of www.fanpop.com

The Harley Davidson V-Rod is on top of its game as its powerful engine, state-of-the-art technologies and classy design allow it to provide riders with top of the line performance for this segment. There is no question that Harley Davidson has produced yet another superior bike capable of giving its riders with a whole new experience on the road.


A 1250cc Revolution engine powers the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle which is capable of producing up to 122 hp. This is one of the highest values in terms of horsepower that Harley Davidson has produced. With its four valves per cylinder and overhead dual cams, the engine produces 86 ft. lbs. of torque pegged at 6500rpm.


The V-Rod Muscle has a distinct style with its drag-style handlebars with a cluster of gauges for easy reading, dual side Satin chrome exhaust pipes, 240mm rear tire for better grip, LED turn signals incorporated into the stem of the side mirrors, well-blended radiator for seamless design, 43mm forks that are inverted to increase rigidity and strength while reducing unsprung weight and high quality custom paint for a fully race-inspired look.


In terms of technology, the Harley Davidson V-Rod is equipped with smarter security system where a hands-free fob allows you to disarm and arm your bike’s security. Intuitive controls are also installed in the V-Rod where it automatically turns off your turn signals at the right time. This gives you the freedom to simply enjoy the ride.


Harley Davidson has equipped its V-Rod Muscle with Brembo Brakes and Anti-Lock Braking System to ensure that your bike’s braking capabilities are smooth without the risk of your wheels locking when you need to brake suddenly. A slipper clutch is also introduced in the V-Rod for smoother yet superb handling when you downshift. Reducing the clutch friction keeps the rear wheel in control.


The Harley Davidson V-Rod boasts of a forward-mounted control where you are given the pleasure of just kicking back and letting your legs stretch out before you the way you were supposed to when riding this bike. If you are going on a long trip on your V-Rod, you don’t have to worry about comfort since the engineers at Harley Davidson make sure that the seat will be suited for long distance traveling. Each seat has been tested to ensure that it will meet your standards in terms of comfort.

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