2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200

Through the years, Harley-Davidson has become synonymous with big bad bikes ridden by tattooed men clad in leather jackets and red bandanas. Behind these scenes, though, is the motorcycle engineering genius of a company that keep the highway tripping Americans happy.

The 2012 Harley-Davidson XL1200 is a darling amongst bike cruisers. The classic beefy front end befitting thick front tires around a boastful 16-inch 5 spoke wheel will evoke jealousy from onlookers. HD wheels have always been a stand out as the XL1200 chromes will cast reflections on the road. Harley-Davidson had gone efficient on lighting with the new LED on the rear ends. The LED beams are a low-profile fit at the rear fender but the bright light is sufficiently noticeable at night. The license plate mounts are conveniently just next to the lamps. HD does not skimp with paint. The clear coat layers are 5ml deep and custom paint comes standard in all Harley-D bikes. The fuel tank’s seamless designs are hand painted and HD takes pride on their artistry.

The 2012 Sportster is fitted in with the Evolution engine. Also known as the Blockhead, it was first used by HD in 1984. The Evolution engine was upgraded to result in a valve train configuration. The Sportster uses one cam per engine overhead valve which makes a unique four-lobed gear-driven camshaft. It’s still the cross between Shovelhead and Ironhead engines that has the signature power and performance that HD is all about. The advanced 1200cc Evolution engine is air-cooled which adds to its durability. The bike load was lessened with the use of aluminium heads and cylinder heads that help in air-cooling efficiency. Fuel injection is electronically operated ditching antiquated carburetors and maintenance costs.

One look at the 1200cc Sportster and there’s no mistaking that it’s a Harley. The HD authenticity is obvious in the black powder-coated cylinder and cylinder heads with splashes of chrome on the rocker covers and pushrods to highlight the iconic V-Twin. The classic cooling fins stays true to the rider spirit. All the looks can be overwhelming but check out the intelligently hidden technology. A whole lot of wiring was skilfully hidden behind the jewel of metals to make certain that function does not compromise the classic style. Harley-Davidson did not forget the comfort on the seats either. The motorbike makers invested time in researching the perfect seat design so that each drive can be enjoyed with the perfect saddle.

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